Modeling Regional Differences in Timing of Marriage among Women in Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa

Ayo S. Adebowale, University of Ibadan
Afolabi Bamgboye, University of Ibadan

Researchers in Nigeria have addressed differential in female’s age at first marriage, however, few studies paid attention to using modelling approach. Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey, 2008 dataset on women aged 15-49 (N=24,986) was used. The data show a significant difference between the mean age at first marriage of women in the North (16.0±3.6) and South (20.4±5.0) (p<0.001). Region, education, religion and residence were significantly associated with timing of first marriage (p<0.001). Majority of the women married between ages 15-19 years (43.1%) while, very few marriage late (2.3%) and about 27.0% married too early (10-14 years). The multiple Cox-proportional hazard models show that the hazard of early marriage was highest in the North West and North East. Also women who had primary, secondary and higher education were 0.88(p<0.001), 0.68(p<0.001) and 0.44(p<0.001) respectively less likely to marry early than those with no education. Three models were generated from the data.

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