Topics and Sessions

1. Fertility, Family Planning, Sexual Behavior, and Reproductive Health42
1. Low Fertility in Developed and Developing Countries 8. Gender and Reproductive Health 9. Sexual and Romantic Relationships 16. Contextual and Policy Influences on Reproductive Health and Fertility 23. Fertility Transition in Africa 27. Sexual Behavior and STIs 35. Survey Measures of Empowerment and Reproductive Outcomes 41. Dating and Adolescent Sexual Activity 43. Economics of Fertility 47. Determinants of Fertility in Asia 48. Implications of Fertility on Socioeconomic and Health Outcomes in Africa 62. Advances in Measures and Models of Sexual Behavior 66. Partners and Childbearing 69. Abortion 75. Assessing the Impact of Contraception and Family Planning 81. Fertility Timing: Europe and South America 89. Disparities in Reproductive Health and Fertility 93. Obstacles to Contraceptive Use 99. Fertility Intentions and Behaviors over the Life Course 102. Fertility Research in a Comparative Perspective 108. Abortion in the Context of Legalization 112. Contraceptive Use in the United States 113. Reproductive Health Policies and Programs in Africa 117. Fertility Timing 141. Family Planning and Reproductive Health in the Asian Context 142. Comparative Perspectives on Fertility and Sexual Behavior 143. Fertility and Crisis 147. Partners and Contraceptive Use 153. Mate Selection in Sexual and Romantic Relationships 155. Emerging Patterns in Contraceptive Use in Africa 161. HIV Risk, Prevention, and Consequences 168. Findings from Contraceptive History Calendars 173. Fertility Attitudes and Intentions in Low-Fertility Societies 176. Perspectives on Fertility in Asia 181. Fertility Intentions 190. Male Participation in Reproductive Health 193. Men, Couples, and Contraceptive Use 197. HIV/AIDS, Marriage, and Fertility 206. Factors Affecting Uptake of Contraception 212. The Effects of Government Policies on Fertility 214. Advances in Measures and Models of Fertility and Sexual Behavior 216. Attitudes and Demography
2. Marriage, Family, Households, and Unions32 3. Children and Youth21 4. Health and Mortality40
6. Biodemographic Influences on Health and Mortality I 10. HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 15. Neighborhood and Contextual Influences on Health 24. Demography of Mental Health 26. Differentials in Late-Life Health 31. Migration, Residential Mobility, and Population Health 46. Family Planning and Maternal and Child Mortality in Developing Countries 49. Place Effects on Mortality 52. Frontiers in Mortality Measures and Forecasts 60. Health and Mortality in Developing Countries 63. Fatal and Non-Fatal Health Outcomes: Comparing Expected Length and Quality of Life by Gender, Race, and National Origin 67. Health Behaviors, Health, and Mortality I 71. Understanding HIV Risk and HIV Prevalence 77. Longevity and Life Expectancy 78. Trends and Trajectories in Health and Disability 88. Maternal, Infant, and Child Mortality in Developing Countries 96. Child Health 97. Health Behaviors, Health, and Mortality II 98. Race, Ethnic, and Gender Disparities in Health and Mortality 109. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health 116. Experimental Studies of Human Mortality 126. HIV and STD in Migrant-Sending Communities 132. Causes and Measurement of Mortality 135. Biodemographic Influences on Health and Mortality II 138. Health Insurance, Health Care, and Health 140. Patterns and Determinants of Health and Mortality in the Developing World 150. Socioeconomic Status, Health, and Mortality 162. Methodological Issues in the Study of Health and Mortality 169. Adult Mortality II: Behaviors and Diseases 178. Socioeconomic Status and Health - Cross-National Research 179. Economic and Social Factors in HIV Prevalence and Mortality 180. Residential Segregation and Health 185. Social Change and Population Health 186. Life Course Approaches to Health and Mortality 188. Education and Health Behaviors 189. Adult Mortality I 202. Infant Health and Mortality in the United States 208. Economic Contractions and Health Behaviors 209. Family Influences on Health and Mortality 213. Modelling Health and Disability
5. Race, Ethnicity, and Gender10 6. Migration and Urbanization23 7. Economy, Labor Force, Education, and Inequality15 8. Population, Development, and Environment10 9. Population and Aging8 10. Data and Methods8 11. Applied Demography7 14. Poster Sessions7