Over 2,100 participants attended the 2012 Annual Meeting in San Francisco! This website hosts the complete scientific program of the meeting. Use the navigation bar to access the program by topic, by day and time, or by participant.

Daniel Lichter 
PAA President 
Cornell University


Linda Martin
PAA Vice President  
RAND Corporation

Program Committee

The co-chairs of the 2012 Program Organizing Committee were Daniel Lichter, PAA President, and Linda Martin, PAA Vice President. Members of the Program Committee are listed below.

  • Alaka Basu, Cornell University
  • Ann Biddlecom, United Nations Population Division
  • Robert Bozick, RAND Corporation
  • David Brown, Cornell University
  • Warren Brown, University of Georgia
  • Peter Brownell, RAND Corporation
  • Richard Burkhauser, Cornell University
  • Benjamin Cornwell, Cornell University
  • Ashlesha Datar, RAND Corporation
  • Rachel Dunifon, Cornell University
  • Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, Cornell University
  • Martha Farnsworth Riche, Cornell University
  • Greta Gilbertson, Fordham University
  • Joshua Goldstein, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
  • Douglas Gurak, Cornell University
  • David Harris, Cornell University
  • Christine Himes, Syracuse University
  • Michael Hurd, RAND Corporation
  • Ariel Kalil, University of Chicago
  • Arie Kapteyn, RAND Corporation
  • Lynn Karoly, RAND Corporation
  • Mary Kritz, Cornell University
  • Jinkook Lee, RAND Corporation
  • Audrey Light, Ohio State University
  • Dean Lillard, Cornell University
  • Sebastian Linnemayr, RAND Corporation
  • Stephen Matthews, Pennsylvania State University
  • Sarah Meadows, RAND Corporation
  • Stephen Morgan, Cornell University
  • Kelly Musick, Cornell University
  • William O'Hare, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Elizabeth Peters, Cornell University
  • Michael Pollard, RAND Corporation
  • Michael Rendall , RAND Corporation
  • Sharon Sassler, Cornell University
  • Narayan Sastry, University of Michigan
  • James Smith, RAND Corporation
  • Laura Tach, University of Pennsylvania
  • Margaret Weden, RAND Corporation
  • Lindy Williams, Cornell University
  • Douglas Wolf, Syracuse University
  • Zachary Zimmer, University of Utah

September 23, 2011 . Deadline for submitting papers or abstracts to organizers

November 11, 2011 . Authors are notified of papers accepted in regular sessions, and session organizers forward promising papers that were not accepted to Program Committee Co-Chairs for possible inclusion in overflow or poster sessions

December 16, 2011 . Authors are notified of papers accepted into overflow or poster sessions

April 2, 2012 . Deadline for making online revisions to abstracts of accepted papers

April 2, 2012 . Deadline for posting completed papers on the program website