Friday, May 4 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Continental Parlor 7

Session 97:
Health Behaviors, Health, and Mortality II

Chair: Bridget K. Gorman, Rice University
Discussant: Zhenmei Zhang, Michigan State University

  1. The Links between Acculturation, Other Forms of Assimilation, and Alcohol UseCassie Hartzog, University of California, Davis

  2. Detailing the Associations between Nondrinkers and MortalityRichard G. Rogers, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Richard Miech, University of Colorado at Denver ; Robert Kemp, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Elizabeth Lawrence, University of Colorado at Boulder

  3. Understanding Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy: How Does Social Capital Get under the Skin?Carla Shoff, Pennsylvania State University

  4. The Long Plume of Childhood: Cigarette Smoking throughout the Life Course and Adult MortalityJoseph T. Lariscy, University of Texas at Austin

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