Thursday, May 3 / 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM   •   Union Square 14

Session 70:
Child and Family Policy

Chair: Jane Waldfogel, Columbia University
Discussant: Sakiko Tanaka, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  1. Do Conditional Cash Transfer Programs Improve Work and Earnings among its Youth Beneficiaries? Evidence after a Decade of a Mexican Cash Transfer ProgramSusan Parker, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) ; Luis Rubalcava, Spectron Desarrollo S.C. and Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) ; Graciela M. Teruel, Universidad Iberoamericana

  2. Evaluating the Impacts of Conditional and Unconditional Cash Transfers on Children’s Health in Rural Burkina FasoRichard Akresh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ; Damien de Walque, World Bank Group ; Harounan Kazianga, Oklahoma State University

  3. Additional Returns to Investing in Girls' Education: Impact on Younger Sibling Human CapitalJavaeria A. Qureshi, University of Chicago

  4. Child Gender and Parental Investments in India: Are Boys and Girls Treated Differently?Silvia H. Barcellos, RAND Corporation ; Leandro Carvalho, RAND Corporation ; Adriana Lleras-Muney, Princeton University

Other sessions on Children and Youth