Saturday, May 5 / 2:30 PM - 4:20 PM   •   Union Square 22

Session 209:
Family Influences on Health and Mortality

Chair: Susan L. Averett, Lafayette College
Discussant: Nancy E. Reichman, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

  1. Retirement, Children, and Later-Life Mental Health among Older AmericansCheng Cheng, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  2. Childlessness and Older Americans’ Use of Health CareRobert D. Plotnick, University of Washington

  3. The Effect of Parent and Adult-Child Contact on Elderly Cognitive FunctioningAsia Sikora, University of Nebraska Medical Center

  4. Intergenerational Support and Parental Health in Later LifeKathryn M. Yount, Emory University ; Solveig Argeseanu Cunningham, Emory University ; Neil Mehta, Emory University

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