Saturday, May 5 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Union Square 25

Session 179:
Economic and Social Factors in HIV Prevalence and Mortality

Chair: Susan Godlonton, University of Michigan
Discussant: Nicholas Wilson, Williams College
Discussant: Jane Fortson, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

  1. The Effect of HIV on Micro-Level Correlates of Adult Mortality in Rural MalawiBrian Chin, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  2. HIV Prevalence in the Asia Pacific Region: An Ecological Approach to InequalitiesMiguel E. Reina Ortiz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of South Florida ; Vinita Sharma, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI)

  3. Health and Labor Supply in the Context of HIV/AIDS: The Long-Run Economic Impacts on Antiretroviral TherapyHarsha Thirumurthy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Joshua Graff Zivin, University of California, San Diego

  4. HIV Foreign Assistance and Adult Mortality in AfricaEran Bendavid, Stanford University ; Charles Holmes, Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator

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