Saturday, May 5 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Continental Ballroom 4

Session 163:
Human Capital and Reaping the Demographic Dividend in Sub-Saharan Africa

Chair: Ruth Levine, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Discussant: T. Paul Schultz, Yale University
Discussant: John May, World Bank Group

  1. Cash or Condition? Evidence from a Cash Transfer ExperimentSarah Baird, George Washington University ; Craig McIntosh, University of California, San Diego ; Berk Ozler, World Bank Group

  2. Jointly Estimating the Role of Schooling, Marriage, Fertility and Labor Market Participation in SenegalFrancesca Marchetta, University of Auvergne ; David E. Sahn, Cornell University and CERDI, University of Auvergne

  3. The Relationship between Fertility and Female Labor Force Participation in Low- to Middle-Income Countries: Uncovering the Heterogeneity across and within CountriesDavid Canning, Harvard University ; Jocelyn E. Finlay, Harvard University

Other sessions on Economy, Labor Force, Education, and Inequality