Friday, May 4 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Union Square 13

Session 107:
Innovations in the Study of Residential Segregation

Chair: John R. Logan, Brown University
Discussant: Michael J. White, Brown University

  1. Segregation in Motion: Dynamic and Static Views of Segregation among Recent MoversVictoria Pevarnik, University of California, Irvine ; John Hipp, University of California, Irvine

  2. Activity-Space Segregation: Understanding Social Divisions in Space and TimeJohn Palmer, Princeton University

  3. The Shape of Racial Residential Preferences: Findings from a New MethodologyValerie Lewis, Dartmouth College ; Michael O. Emerson, Rice University ; Stephen Klineberg, Rice University

  4. Gentrification and Racial Residential Segregation in Washington, D.C.: Examining the Interrelation of Changes in Racial and Class Transformation from 1990 to 2009Jonathan Jackson, University of Maryland

Other sessions on Migration and Urbanization