The Changing Demographic (Re)Distribution of African Americans: Implications for Marriage Transitions

Laquitta M. Smith Walker, Arizona State University

The central aim of this research is to understand the particular dynamics that affect African American marriage processes with a particular examination of context: Rustbelt, Southwest and New South metropolitan areas. This analysis examines how the demographic profiles of African Americans in three metropolitan areas, Detroit, Phoenix and Atlanta, are linked to the proportions of the never-married populations in these regions and how these demographic profiles have changed over time. Like the general population, the African American population has been shifting over the course of the last 20 years largely due to changes in labor markets. The literature suggests that these population shifts may have an impact on marriage market trends for African Americans in these contexts. Data from the U.S. Census and American Community survey data suggest favorable conditions for marriage transitions in the New South and Southwest and less favorable conditions in the Rustbelt region.

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