TFR2: A Stata Command for Computing Fertility Rates and TFRs from Birth Histories

Bruno D. Schoumaker, Université Catholique de Louvain

The TFR2 command was prepared to compute fertility rates and TFRs from birth histories in a flexible way with the Stata software. It allows computing age-specific (general or marital) fertility rates, TFRs and mean age at childbearing for various periods (e.g. last three years, last 5 years, period defined by first and last year) and age groups (5-year age groups, single year,…). Standard errors of rates and TFRs can be computed using jackknife, and take account clustering of observations. Furthermore, TFR2 allows reconstructing fertility trends and measuring fertility differentials through Poisson regression. This command is expected to: (1) Facilitate the computation of fertility rates and correct standard errors with data from various types of surveys (DHS, WFS); (2) Improve the evaluation of data quality through the computation of rates by single year of age, reconstruction of trends in rates and TFRs…; (3) Stimulate exploratory analyses of fertility trends and differentials.

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Presented in Session 17: Innovations in Measurement and Modeling