The Transition to Adulthood among Palestinians Youth in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Niveen M. E. Abu-Rmeileh, Birzeit University
Dennis Hogan, Brown University

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have an expectation of life at birth of 72 years, but a TFR=4.6, with 44% of the population under age 15. The population is nearly 80% urban, 90% literate, and youth average more than 12 years of education. This paper investigates the transition to adulthood among Palestinian youth. Of these, 17% are members of refugee families who live in UN supported refugee camps. The social exclusion of these refugees and the situations of women who are well educated but rarely employed are considered. Survey data representing (N=18,000) youth in the West Bank Gaza Strip in 2006 are used. The study uses age-specific rates of activity states, patterns over time, and life table estimates of transitions to adult roles. The study uses logistic regressions to examine other social, economic, and health factors involved in Palestinian youth’s transition to adulthood.

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