Population Redistribution Trends in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan America 2000 to 2010

Kenneth M. Johnson, University of New Hampshire

The release of 2010 Census data provides a unique opportunity to take stock of the population redistribution trends that have occurred in nonmetropolitan and metropolitan America over the past decade. Our primary interest is with how the recent economic turbulence has impacted U.S. population growth and redistribution. Our analysis centers on the three major demographic components of population change: (1) internal migration; (2) immigration; and (3) natural increase. Data comes from the ACS, 2010 and 2000 Censuses, Vital Records System (NCHS) and the IRS county-county migration data. Our analysis will compare demographic change in different types of nonmetropolitan counties and also examine the differential impact of the recession on demographic trends in metropolitan cores to those in suburban areas. Our results will provide a rich and nuanced picture of how recent demographic changes have redistributed the population in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan America.

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Presented in Session 160: Recent Population Redistribution Trends: U.S. Census 2010