Race Matters: The Racial Classification of Children in Latino/Non-Latino White, Black, and Asian Intermarriages

Michael H. Miyawaki, Fordham University

Using data from the 2008-2010 American Community Survey, I investigate the racial classification of children in Latino/non-Latino white, black, and Asian intermarriages. Findings reveal that many Latino/non-Latino couples mark “some other race” as one of the races when classifying their children as multiracial. Moreover, results show that parental races significantly impact how part-Latino children are racially classified. When parents share the same race, over 95% of children are classified as the same race as parents. When parental races differ, the racial classification of children varies by race of Latino parent and type of Latino intermarriage. In addition, sex and Hispanic origin of household head influence the racial classification of part-Latino children. Lastly, age of child is negatively associated with a multiracial classification. Implications of results are discussed.

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