Who Are the Condom Users of Pakistan? An Analysis of Predictors

Supriya Madhavan, Johns Hopkins University

The Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2006/7 has shown that CPR continues to be low (34%) while the desire to limit births among those not yet sterilized remains high (82%). Condoms represent the most widely used modern method (other than sterilization). This paper seeks to determine the predictors of condom use in Pakistan, especially with respect to fertility preferences. Multivariate logistic regression methods are used with the primary outcome being condom use (yes/no). Multilevel modelling will be undertaken to determine variations in condom use, accounting for fixed effects at the cluster level. Women who want to limit births are 1.96 (1.792, 2.201) as likely to use condoms as those who want to space. The results from the analysis highlight the plight of condom users in Pakistan – namely, that they do not have access to limiting methods such as sterilization services or even to IUDs.

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