HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Contraceptive Knowledge, and Condom Use among Unmarried Youth in China

He Chen, Peking University
Lei Zhang, Peking University
Youli Han, Capital Medical University (CMU)
Ting Lin, Peking University
Xinming Song, Peking University
Gong Chen, Peking University

We aim to describe HIV/AIDS knowledge, contraceptive knowledge, and their relationship to condom use among unmarried youth in China. We also aim to further disentangle these relationships through the mediating effect of consciousness. Using the AIDS Risk Reduction Model as the conceptual framework, we studied a sample of sexually active unmarried youth who responded to the 2009 Survey of Youth Access to Reproductive Health in China. Results showed about 30% of unmarried youth had not used a condom during their most recent intercourse. Levels of both HIV/AIDS knowledge and contraceptive knowledge were low. HIV/AIDS knowledge was not significantly associated with condom use, and the disconnection between HIV/AIDS consciousness and condom use was the key reason for this. Contraceptive knowledge was more closely related to condom use. Therefore, programs should make effort to improve contraception knowledge of among unmarried youth and help them realize personal vulnerability to HIV/AIDS through unsafe sex.

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