Quality of Services, Retention and Causes of Discontinuation of IUD Contraception in Rural India

Sangram Kishor Patel, International Institute of Health Management Research, New Delhi
Dharmesh Lal, International Institute of Health Management Research, New Delhi

Acceptance of IUD is one of the important contraceptive methods for spacing between children and declining in fertility. This paper has been designed in a manner to explore the quality of services, retention and causes of discontinuation among IUD acceptors in rural India (year 2006-2010) using the primary data collected from rural India. Results of multivariate analysis reveal that the retention of IUD among acceptors in rural India are largely associate with acceptor’s satisfaction for quality of services and facility received during the insertion, visit and counseling of female health care worker, and other socio-demographic factors. Less than half of the acceptors able to retain their IUD in rural India. The main reasons of discontinuation stated are the couple’s desire for more children, shifting of methods, irregular bleeding, backache, pain after insertion, feeling discomfort after IUD insertion, infection or increase of vaginal discharge etc.

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Presented in Session 93: Obstacles to Contraceptive Use